Our Investment Management and Advisory team covers individual and institutional clients and our services range from serving clients’ wealth management needs, to developing specialist portfolio management strategies that assist clients in achieving their specific financial objectives.

Our team brings expertise and dedication to the asset management business, which is provided on a discretionary basis, as well as advisory for professional clients.

Wealth Management

The core competency our wealth management discipline incorporates investment portfolio management and a number of aggregated financial services relative to the needs of each individual client. Together with your existing, or our specialised partners, we coordinate personal services for estate planning, legal and tax matters.

We manage investments through our in house competency or offer monitoring of third party portfolios you may already have in place. Our aim is to simplify the process of monitoring and analysing your portfolios in aggregate against your desired outcomes. We consolidate reports where this is required and provide tailored, bespoke reporting. When needed, we make valuable introductions via our trusted network.

For further information on wealth management services please contact Angelos: angelos@privatecapitaladvisors.co.uk

GIS Absolute Return Index Trading Strategy

The focus of this strategy is absolute returns by trading index options with a hedged risk strategy.

Additionally, GIS has been appointed investment adviser over a number of portfolios and funds of similar strategy. 

For further information on the funds, please contact Mayan or Paras Shah:

mayan.shah@gisukltd.com or paras.shah@gisukltd.com